Amazon Germany publishes Das Vermächtnis der Winzerin!

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The Vintners Legacy August 18 Release

I hope this latest blog post finds you and your family happy and healthy and learning to cope with our “new normal” in the midst of a global pandemic. If you are searching for a fresh read, I am thrilled to announce that Das Vermächtnis der Winzerin, the German edition of The Vintner’s Legacy, the third stand-alone novel in the Vintner’s Daughter Series, is now available for sale on Amazon Germany and at German booksellers! 

An instant #1 Amazon Germany bestseller, Das Vermächtnis der Winzerin, published under AmazonCrossing’s Tinte & Feder imprint, follows four interrelated families move through the turmoil of the First World War, the deadly influenza epidemic and a looming American prohibition. (Yes, I researched and wrote the novel before the COVID-19 pandemic – how was I to know?! Yet, through my research, I learned so many wonderful lessons about how our ancestors endured the Great War and the Spanish influenza a century ago.)

Now, more about the novel. In 1918, Philippe and Sara’s nephew and adopted son, Luc Lemieux, enters the fight as his fellow Americans join forces with the Allies in France to defeat the advancing German troops. Motherless siblings Ondine and Michel Marchand, victimized and taken from their home in Lille by the invaders, escape and stowaway in Luc’s wagon. He reluctantly offers them shelter at his Saint-Martin vineyard until their father, a soldier in the French Army, can be located.

Meanwhile, back in America, Sara and Philippe Lemieux battle to save their Napa vineyards and world-renowned wines from the blight of prohibition and protect their family from the scourge of the influenza epidemic. Their eldest daughter, talented artist Pippa Lemieux, strives for independence as a devastating secret surrounding her birth is revealed.

As the war rages on the Western Front, Marie Chevreau Donnelly’s daughter, surgical nurse Adeline Donnelly, makes a fateful decision to save an injured enemy soldier. Heinrich Sommer, a German medic also serving on the front, struggles to repair his fractured family and reclaim his humanity during one of the deadliest wars in history.

From the pristine vineyards of Napa to the battlefields of France, from an army hospital in Juilly to the bustling streets of Manhattan as the city mobilizes for war, The Vintner’s Legacy drives us deep into the entangled fates of four families and a single year in our collective history that changed the world forever. Fans of The Vintner’s Daughter and The California Wife will relish this riveting saga of war, wine and love.

My deepest thanks to my translator, Marion Plath, editor Nicole Tschierschke and the entire production and marketing team at AmazonCrossing for the superb work and herculean effort they put into producing my latest novel! My gratitude of course extends to my agent, April Eberhardt, and my foreign rights agent, Gregory Messina, for their continued encouragement and support!

If you are waiting for the American edition, we are working on it and will announce a pub date soon! In the meantime, the French language edition will be published on September 3, 2020!

I hope you enjoy the novel! Please post a review on when you have finished reading!